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About Darren


 3 Rivers Fishing Adventures YouTube Channel

The DTroFishOn YouTube Channel highlights the multiple fishing adventures among Darren and his network of fishing friends.  The channel also provides insights and pro fishing tips.  Currently, the channel boasts approx 11,000 subscribers and 8 million views.

Facebook Fishing Group Owner and Administrator

Darren created and owns a Facebook which is a forum for avid fishermen to network.  Members focus on supporting selective harvest and protecting trophy fish in Minnesota.


Community Contest Organizer

Community contests are created to promote the sports of catfishing and sturgeon fishing among the fishing community.  Additionally, all contests advocate catch and release.  All contests were created and administered by Darren.

  • King of the Cats (2007 - Present) - contest open to all interested parties throughout the summer/early fall season.

  • Whisker Run (2012 - Present) - invitational contest for avid catfishermen and is run twice a year.

  • King of the Sturgeon (2012 - Present) - 24 hour sturgeon contest run once a year.



Media Appearances

Darren has been featured on television and radio outdoors programming to provide pro tips.  Here are a few:


In the News




  • Current MN Catch and Release Record for Lake Sturgeon 78"  MNDNR Press Release

  • Former state record holder for Minnesota Sturgeon Catch and Release.  Sturgeon was  67 1/2" with a 27" girth and caught on the Rainy River on April 15, 2016.

  • Outdoor News Pro Tip Writer (2017)




MN Department of Natural Resources Volunteer

  • Catfish Species Work Group (2012-2017) - committee member to provide insight and recommendations on proposed fishing laws and regulations.

  • DNR Roundtable Group Member (2012-2017) - conservation community member to provide context and discussion points aiding to conserve the state's abundant natural resources and maintain high-quality outdoor recreation opportunities.

  • DNR Roundtable Presenter for Catfish Species Workgroup (2014).

  • Assisted DNR Fisheries with Catfish Tagging Study on Mississippi Pool 2 (2012).

Fishing Minnesota Pro Staff and Social Media Administrator

From 2000-2010 Darren was part of the Fishing Minnesota Online Administrator Team.  In addition to creating content and monitoring online forums, Darren also tested products and assisted with outreach events.

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