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Darren is easy to work with no confusion about where to meet or what I was looking to go after. Had a blast and the trip delivered.

 After my first trip I have already booked another two. Good price for a quality trip!


Darren is an exceptional host and got us on some great fishing but the best thing was how much we learned. From locating strategies to rigging to bait we left feeling we really knew more. We will be booking him again soon so don’t take our weekend!

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Darren is a courteous professional that truly enjoys creating memorable trips for his guests. He knows the areas that he fishes very well and goes above and beyond to put people in the best position to catch fish.

Per M.


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Darren is a great guy with a fully equipped boat and the expertise to consistently catch fish! Always a great time!

I’ve fished with Darren multiple times and have always caught fish, but more importantly, we always had a great time!


 Darren is a awesome fishing guide and very fun to talk to about fishing/fishing stories etc. Always have had great action on trips with him. My brother and I caught our personal best Sturgeon on a fall trip with Darren! I would highly recommend booking a trip!!



 My son & I both caught the biggest flathead, channel catfish & sturgeon that we have ever caught.

My son & I have been on multiple catfishing trips & a sturgeon fishing trip with Darren. We caught very nice fish on every trip. You will not find a fishing guide that works harder to find the fish & make your trip as enjoyable as possible. Darren uses high quality fishing equipment & has a nice boat.He is also big into the conservation of fishing. If you want to have a fun fishing trip call Darren!



Great guy, skilled fisherman, and fun to fish with!

Will teach you everything you need to know and how to do it by yourself if you want.


Darren is very personable. He made sure that everything was taken care of for our sturgeon trip. Put us on fish. And all in all had a great attitude and gave us a pleasant experience



Darren put us on the fish. The whole night was planned out and we just showed up and had fun.  We will definitely be using your services again!



Scott A.

Darren was a fantastic guide. He had everything set up for us before we even went out on the ice! I caught my very first Sturgeon, and it was a nice 48.5 incher. Incredible fight on an ice rod! He gave us a ton of info on where to target them, gear to use, and best practices for handling and release. He is also a super nice dude. We had fun trading fishing stories throughout the night. I'm going back on the ice armed with some great information for tonight.


You always work so hard to find the fish! You are on the water either getting bait, checking spots, or waiting for our arrival! Thank you for always being professional regardless of the conditions and outcomes.


Larry and Sara H.

Organized, Knowledgeable, Professional. We were in great hands with Darren, He did a great job making everyone feel comfortable regardless of their experience level. Everyone had a great time!

Alex W. 


Allin M.

Darren is great. Period. He's knowledge and the willingness to share and teach his clients is why I will continue to book with him and advise my friends to do the same.


I appreciated Darren's hard work to get us on fish. We caught a good number of really nice cats. He's professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about all things catfishing. I'd highly recommend him to friends, and hope to book another trip in the future!


Greg J.

Darren is a first class guide who ensures as great a time on the water that can be had. Very entertaining and patient to help my young sons have fun and catch fish. Went for the fish and left with an adventure. We WILL-be calling on him again.

Mike M.


Pete E

Darren, my boys and I had a great time.  They were already talking of saving their money for next year.


Ryan F

We had a blast and 100% will recommend your services to others! I would certainly call it a success with those cats and it was awesome to catch that huge sheepshead! Just talking and telling fishing stories was fun and it was great to be relaxing in your boat. Thank you so much! 


Terry N.

We all had a great time, and enjoyed our stories and conversations. We were happy to get a chance to see our first flathead.

We plan to try again during prime time next year.  And we will share our experiences with other potential clients.

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